Light at the End of the Tunnel?

You may have stepped into this week feeling hopeful about the upcoming roadmap to be released from the Scottish Government. How you are feeling after may be different than you expected. This is okay. 

Whether you agree or not with the proposed plans these will affect your life and it is okay to feel what you are feeling. Many may be on countdown to the ‘end’ date for restrictions, others may be feeling anxious about this and a gradual relaxation of the rules or concern that it may not happen as planned. Maybe you are frustrated as it feels too slow, too fast or that there hasn’t been enough information released. Whatever it is you are noticing, acknowledge it. 

Whether you are facing the next 9 weeks with excitement, boredom, anger or trepidation try and think what can help you get through it. This is hard at this point in lockdown. We can feel fatigued as we have drawn on all our coping resources over the past year and are just coming through winter, which are hard months anyway. We also have had to cope with disappointments in previous plans/roadmaps such as coming out of the previous lockdowns and Christmas. It is understandable that we may be a bit cautious about this new plan. 

Think back on what has helped you cope so far. Are you still using these coping mechanisms? It can be helpful to return to the basics: connection with others, nourishment, exercise and enjoyment.

Are you still connecting with others? If Zoom fatigue has hit, are there other ways for you to reach out? Are you keeping a boundary between work and home? Can you get some exercise or fresh air each day? What small thing can you do each day to gain some sense of achievement or pleasure? 

If you are feeling anxious about the gradual relaxation of restrictions, it is okay. You don’t have to return to activities just because it is allowed. You can do this at your own pace. Try breaking it down into smaller steps. 

Whilst it is only human to compare ourselves to others, often unfavourably. We are all individuals and will have different reactions to the new roadmap. Focus on you and what will help you over the next weeks and months as changes occur. 

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