Dr. Beedie works with clients who have had  a neurological injury (head injury, stroke, tumour) or who have a neurological condition e.g. MS, Epilepsy.

Services offered include:

Neuropsychological assessment to develop an understanding of the cognitive changes that may have arisen as a result of your injury/condition. This includes a recommendation of strategies that may be helpful to you. 

Cognitive rehabilitation to develop specific strategies to overcome areas you are finding more challenging. This is best done in conjunction with a neuropsychological assessment to identify the cognitive changes. 

Individual therapy to help you with the emotional difficulties that commonly occur following a brain injury/neurological condition. Therapy can be adjusted for any cognitive problems you may have (e.g. memory, attention). 

Providing you and/or your family with education about the consequences of a brain injury or neurological condition.

 Support in returning to work following your injury, including consulting with your employer where appropriate.

In addition to working with clients individually, Dr. Beedie also accepts referrals from insurance and rehabilitation companies who require a neuropsychological assessment for their clients. She also accepts referrals from legal teams. 

What to expect at your appointment

A neuropsychological assessment appointment can last up to two and a half hours. This appointment will be split into two parts. The first will involve a clinical interview where Dr. Beedie will find out more about you and your current concerns.  The second part will involve you undertaking some assessments which will help identify how your thinking (cognition) may have been affected by your injury/condition.  The results of the assessment and recommendations will be discussed with you at this appointment and a written summary will be sent to you. Please note that if you are referred through your insurance company or solicitor  feedback is not usually given at your appointment unless by prior arrangement with the company referring you. 

Non-assessment appointments last 60 minutes. Your first appointment will involve finding out more about you and your current concerns in order to develop an appropriate treatment plan. 

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